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Cloud based platform

The sensors update the cloud servers in real time with which the software is in constant communication. The cloud based platform provides numerous statistics which will help city administrators and parking lot operators to make informed and intelligent decisions. Its robust UI is simple yet useful. The UIs enable not only easy understanding of the current status of the sensors but also make sense of the numerous different statistics generated to make relevant decisions. All the decisions made are based on real time and historical data. The generated statistics help in auditing. The charges can be changed dynamically. They also help in understanding traffic and usage, section wise so that decisions regarding entry and exit points can be taken in real time.

Cloud based mobile app

The cloud based app is for commuters. The app gives a robust UI for both on-street parking lots and indoor parking lots. Its UI is light on information, contains sensor maps on the floor plan of the parking lots. It can help the commuters navigate to free empty parking spots. The latency in change of status appearing on the app when there is good network connectivity is less than 3 seconds. Hence the data on the app is immediate and real time. The app can be used for reserving parking spaces, remembering where you have parked, automating payment etc.

For on-street parking space, the UI is integrated with Google Maps. Parking information can be viewed on a more granular scale with the help of a second stage mapping of the sensors on that particular street. The same features that are used for indoor parking lots are applicable here.

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