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How do we do it?

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How do we do it?

  • We install vehicle detection sensor on the floor of each parking slot in a parking area, be it indoor or outdoor
  • The sensors detect the presence of a vehicle, when the vehicle comes over it
  • Vehicle presence information is sent to our gateway, wirelessly
  • The gateway updates our cloud server through the internet
  • Vehicle presence data is mapped onto the floor plan of the parking area and brought to our mobile app and cloud-based software platform
  • Commuters can use the mobile app to look for real-time parking availability, reserve parking space and also remember where they have parked
  • The cloud based platform provides analytics that helps the operator and city traffic administrators, manage the parking effectively, perform an accurate audit and generate more revenue


  • Easy navigation to free available parking space
  • Real-time parking availability information is provided through mobile app
  • Faster turnaround of available spaces means increased revenue
  • Dramatically reduce parking space search time
  • Savings on fuel and tires
  • 100% accurate garage audit
  • Commuter data and statistics can be used for better planning
  • Robust features such as reserved premium parking, parking space bookmarks etc can be added
  • Additional revenue generation
  • Trouble- free parking
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