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Multiplexes, Malls, Retailers and private garage owners

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Multiplexes, Malls, Retailers and private garage owners

Going to the mall for movie or shopping especially on a weekend is frustrating, as it takes forever to even get into the mall. The vehicles are queued outside the mall trying to get in and park. The long lines disrupt traffic outside the mall. Once you go in and park your car, it is almost impossible to find where you have parked on your way out. People find it hard to recollect where they have parked their cars. There have been cases when commuters would simply give up looking for their cars, come back later and look for it when there are less number of cars. Movie goers are in a hurry to park, buy pop corn and get in on time. They would prefer to reserve parking space if possible from their homes before they even leave for the mall. Using our cloud-based app, which is packed with features that solve all of the above mentioned problems, we change the whole experience of parking. Watch the demo video for more.

Our sensor solution is one of the cheapest solutions in the world. We use some very innovative resource sharing techniques to provide a cheap, comprehensive and easy solution. Our solution is not only useful for the commuters, but also for the operators. It generates additional revenue through premium parking and advertisements. Based on a study conducted by us, 74% of retailers in 4 malls with in a city, were ready to attract consumers from the parking lot to their store by advertising on our app. Our cloud-based platform provides numerous analytics so that parking management decisions can be taken with real-time and historical data.

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