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Sensor motes

The sensor motes use state of the art hardware to achieve robustness, efficiency and longevity. The motes communicate with the gateway wirelessly and hence the whole design is least intrusive on the targeted structure. The low power transceivers use a mesh networking protocol to communicate with the local gateway. The motes have a sensor bus that can be used by a third party application to suit their needs. With massive power saving algorithms and ultra-low power hardware, the sensor motes will have a battery life of at least 10 years with commercially available 3V coin batteries and a 15 mA sensor drain.


The gateway is the main control unit of all the sensors in the network in a particular area. It can be used to control the action of the sensor nodes. In addition to being the control unit, it also acts as the interface between the wireless mesh networked protocol and the internet. The gateway updates the data in the database and provides real time sensor information. Its configured to work with our sensor mote end points, hence, it is essentially a plug and play device. The sensor information could be brought to the user in multiple platforms including web, software and mobile apps.

Cloud servers

Cloud servers are a genuine win-win, the vendor passes on reduced overhead through better resource allocation and more densely populated data centers while the consumer enjoys flexible bandwidth and space. Data from our sensor network is sent wirelessly and stored in the database in a cloud server. The cloud service makes our data safe and secure. The data stored in the cloud is then used for generating reports and analytics.

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