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  • Parking Guidance
    Finding Parking Made Easy !!
    We integrate vehicle detection parking sensors with
    mobile app and bring out parking availability information
    in the palm of your hand..
  • Sensor
    We use some very innovative resource sharing techniques
    to provide a affordable, comprehensive and easy solution.
  • Cloud Based
    The sensors update the cloud servers in real time
    with which the software is in constant communication.

Tom Vanderbilt in his book Traffic: Why we drive the way we do says, " The way humans hunt for parking and the way animals hunt for food are not as different as you might think..”

Point-of-sale/access control platform

Point-of-sale platform provides the tools necessary for a parking operator to collect parking revenue

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We install vehicle detection sensor on the floor of each parking slot in a parking area, be it indoor or outdoor

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Dynamic QR based point of sale solution

Contactless POS system allows users to scan a QR the entry to gain access into the parking lot

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The sensor motes use state of the art hardware to achieve robustness, efficiency and longevity.

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The sensors update the cloud servers in real time with which the software is in constant communication.

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Why Choose Us

Automobile industry sector boomed with the globalization of economy. Availability of multiple international brands and affordable pricing made the dream come true for many families. Plethora of private vehicles crammed the streets. Urban population swelled due to employment opportunities and the available facilities. Introduction of huge shopping malls brought all recreational activities under one roof. Routes of mass public transportation and frequency of access are not sufficient to meet the growing demand in transportation. There is a huge imbalance in supply of vehicles and the demand for proper traffic management, while planning the infrastructure of cities. All these lead to one big parking problem and a new business sector – Parking Management.

Why Parking management is critical?

Time is precious than money, and every minute mints money. People prefer own vehicles as they offer flexibility, comfortability, and privacy. While public vehicles are constantly on the run, private vehicles remain idle for longer duration.   read more[..]

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