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At Wii Tronics Solutions Pvt Limited, we are committed to improving lives by networking things. We believe the future lies in the Internet of Things. Our solutions improve the quality of lives by providing relevant data that results in informed decision making by the common man in his day to day activities.


Wii Tronics Solutions Private Limited was founded in September 2013 and incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras's Incubation Cell. We are involved in remote data acquisition and data analytics. At a time when monitoring data 24/7 is a top priority, we bring the data to your doorstep in various different platforms. You can monitor real time sensor data right from your home PC and mobile phones.

Our applications vary from parking guidance to service management. Partnering with some of the leading technology providers from across the world, remote data monitoring and reporting has never been so easy, affordable and efficient. Wii Tronics Solutions is slowly making its mark as an expert in the field of data gathering and analytics.

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