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Smart City Infrastructure

Parking is a multi-billion dollar industry. The total number of vehicles on road has crossed one billion. There is hardly any innovation that eases the pain of commuters looking for parking space. Tom Vanderbilt in his book Traffic: Why we drive the way we do says,

" The way humans hunt for parking and the way animals hunt for food are not as different as you might think.”

Hence, emphasis throughout the world is being laid on smart city infrastructure. Smart cities are cities that talk to its people. Tell us the status of traffic, parking availability, power consumption or load etc. The city with the help of sensor technology gives us real-time updates through internet and mobile apps. This concept is termed as Internet-of-things or IOT. Any device that can provide any valuable information that can help the common man in his day to day activity is being added to the internet, so that the data can be accessed by anyone at anytime. For example, by looking at real-time traffic situation, time to destination and parking availability, one can plan an alternative route and reserve parking space even before leaving the house. IOT is reshaping the whole urban environment by making its people more efficient. Parking guidance solution is a subset of Intelligent Transport System. Several traffic management measures have been attempted to bring down the problem of parking and congestion, but in vain. Introduction of technology is the only way forward.

Wii Tronics Solution Pvt Ltd is targeting this very problem area of parking. The key question today is how the available legal parking spaces can be utilized to highest efficiency and financial viability. How new parking facilities may be developed as a multi-use shared amenity to increase efficiency in use of space, time and finances. International experience shows that efficient utilization of the existing legal parking lots can increase parking capacity by atleast 20-40%. It will prevent illegal parking and also free up space from parking. A management strategy that hinges on charging for parking, stopping parking on walkways, and adding on-street roadway parking can also generate parking surplus. Look at how we propose to improve efficiency.

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