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Automobile industry sector boomed with the globalization of economy. Availability of multiple international brands and affordable pricing made the dream come true for many families. Plethora of private vehicles crammed the streets. Urban population swelled due to employment opportunities and the available facilities. Introduction of huge shopping malls brought all recreational activities under one roof. Routes of mass public transportation and frequency of access are not sufficient to meet the growing demand in transportation. There is a huge imbalance in supply of vehicles and the demand for proper traffic management, while planning the infrastructure of cities. All these lead to one big parking problem and a new business sector – Parking Management.

Why Parking management is critical?

Time is precious than money, and every minute mints money. People prefer own vehicles as they offer flexibility, comfortability, and privacy. While public vehicles are constantly on the run, private vehicles remain idle for longer duration. Each vehicle needs two spaces to park, one each on either end of a trip. Modern industrialization defines the waiting time and storage space has no productive value. But Parking industry defies the notion, as space and waiting time are productive as goldmine. Parking management saves time, fuel, and energy.

Wii Tronics

In this Technology-driven era, manually managing parking areas and multi-level parking buildings are very tedious and chaotic.

Wii Tronics Parking Solutions provides an end-to-end digital management of parking space using IoT technology and data acquisition and analytics to process information regarding the visitors, employees, customers, vehicles, and payment.

Our solutions are based on cloud and mobile technology, easy to integrate with any devices. Features can be easily modified to meet the bespoke requirements of clients, easy to follow user interface. Built-in Data analytics gives a comprehensive picture of live trends and patterns of vehicle flow, supports in decision making by means of multiple reports.

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