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Profile of Directors

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Profile of Directors

Mr. Arjun Natarajan: (Managing Director)

A young and energetic entrepreneur who after his Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics in Chennai went to the US to do his Masters in Computer Engineering at Syracuse University, New York. His specialization was hardware electronics namely, Re-configurable computing and VLSI chip design. He gained valuable experience in the field of hardware and software. Immediately after, he worked as Logic Design Engineer in a private company in Silicon Valley, California. His work involved working with some of the leading experts in the field of Solid State Devices. He continued to work there for about two and a half years. Then he came to India in March 2013 to start this company, WII Tronics Solutions Pvt Ltd. The company concentrates in developing innovative wireless hardware solutions and applications, and the present one, namely, Innovative Parking Solutions is one such state of the art application developed by the company to make our cities smarter. At a time when population, pollution, traffic congestion etc have created a huge bottle neck in our cities, innovative smart city solutions help alleviate all these problems.Email:

Dr. T. S. Natarajan ( Director )

Dr. Natarajan is a senior professor of Physics with more than 37 years of experience in IIT Madras both in teaching and research. He has developed a number of teaching aids in Electronics which were received very well internationally. He won several awards in his research and teaching, the recent ones are from Government of India, ministry of fertilizers and chemicals, one for “Smart materials” and the other for developing an Electrospinning Apparatus which is being manufactured by a company in Chennai who were able to sell more than 50 units so far all over India. This apparatus helps in the production of nano fibers of polymers and certain metal oxides with exotic application potential. Prof. Natarajan has more than hundred publications in scientific journals and conferences. He was a Visiting Professor (on sabbatical) at University of Alberta Canada and in University of Malaya in Malaysia (2011-12). He took the first batch of students from India for International Physics Olympiad in 1998. He is listed among the Top 10 Most popular Professors on the YouTube by New York Times, for his 40 Lectures on Basic Electronics. He has guided more than 10 PhD students and several B.Tech., M.Tech and M.Sc., students for their dissertation project work in IITM. Recently he won a Silver Medal at the ITEX-2012 Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the development of “anywhere, anytime Education” Model for learning basic electronics through iPhones and Android Phones as well as Tablets and iPADs. Email:

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